Lower Zambezi National Park

At just over 4000 square kilometers, the Lower Zambezi National Park stretches in a narrow swathe from the Chongwe River in the west to the Luangwa River in the east. The area was declared a National Park in 1983 and today remains one of the few pristine wilderness areas left in Africa.

Opposite the Mana Pool Reserve on the Zimbabwe side there is an escarpment along the northern end which acts as a physical barrier to most of the Park's animal species. Enormous herds of elephant are often seen at the river's edge. 'Island hopping' buffalo and waterbuck are common. There are good predator populations with sightings of lion and leopard a regular occurrence

Rich in biodiversity, there are a number of biomes, or eco-systems in the park, ranging from montane thickets on the slopes of the escarpment to miombo woodlands, grassy floodplains and riparian forests. Birdlife in the area is also outstanding, making this a real hotspot for ornithologists.

With the National Park and mighty Zambezi River, Chongwe River Camp is able to offer guests an unparalleled variety of activities to make the most of this truly stunning location.

Lower Zambezi National Park

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Lower Zambezi National Park